Whooo… Finally back(=

July 3, 2009 at 1:08 am (Uncategorized)

Wah it has been so long since i back to my blog…(=

was chatting with Jessie online and feel like blogging so ya here i am!! (=

time pass so fast and i have so much assignment on hand.. kinda stress with all the work i have… wondering if there is anyone that can help me complete it haha..

having lesson now think update other time bah,

outing with Jessie and Jerlyn soon… missed those time with them this time must be a must !!!


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2009 is comming!!

December 31, 2008 at 7:39 am (Uncategorized)

A dramatic year for me getting a year older ending my poly life in about an year time get me thinking for the future.. 2008 was counted okay to me with lots of up down in it… down was about family..??? ups is about wif friends, wif studies and wif bf(= but still just hope that all the no happy events will not continue in the coming year and 2009 will be a better year ahead with better GPA and a more enjoyable year for me… Same for all my friends!!  Shall start blogging next yr after this post! (= cya’ on this blog next year!!!

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I AM Stress!!!!

December 31, 2008 at 7:29 am (Uncategorized)

hai…. lately i feel so restless to everything just got freaking stress up by my parent…. i just got nothing to tell them man… really think that they shld go for lesson like ” How to be a parent for a 18 yr old child” treated me as little child I AM NO LONGER A SMALL KID, PLS I HAVE GROWN UP!! GIVE ME SOME FREEDOM CAN!!

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Hmm a nice Wednesday….

December 4, 2008 at 6:52 am (Uncategorized)

another day of my I&E lesson it is just to come to class to update the teacher with our progress it is like what the hell lah… so we end up going off after all the group have shared their information is was like 1 hour of lesson again… OMG OMT it is just a waste of time lah wake up so early just for 1 hour of crap… it is -.- lah hahaha but bf always make me so happy and entertain lah.. being so lame so 无厘头 lah but it is just very fun…

so after lesson end we went to the estate there booked the booth for our I&E event.. targeted the 6 and 7 right before the schools open house haha all NP people who read my blog ah haha see u at my booth on the two days ah haha….it is outside the liabrary there if i am not wrong..(=

then our whole group went to canteen 1 for lunch… bf ends lesson 12 so i waited for him to go lunch ^.^ then headed down to Holland there and had 翡翠拉面 for lunch… after lunch it time for revision lor exam is coming our way… so bored lah books notes only make us feel sleepy lah i am sure everyone feel the same… 

then headed home together with bf ….(=

DEC Test today was crap it is so hard lah i dun even know what i was writing lah wat with all the gates and maps… i just dun understand how this module link to my course…. @#@#$%^&* hahahahha got to watch my language..^.^… … 

enjoy the moment with you!!^.^

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Miss you guys!!

November 27, 2008 at 6:19 am (Uncategorized)

Oh man really have a great time chatting wif you guys online. We always are so busy with our own stuff. My dear Jessie always so sweet to me chat with me over my problem and helping me to solve it. (= thanks gal..my sweetie.. hehehhehe.. And i promised you that we will sure go out during this December Holiday Sentosa, Zoo, KTV, Movie up to u man anything also can hahaaha(= Really man so long never hang out le…

Oh yah Jun Jie got his license le that is like so fast lah never tell me i also want to go get my license..-.-”  if not can go together take lor… never jio wat a good friend man..! hahahaha but never mind lah i can get it when i am free like end of year 3 or maybe can ask yikang go take license with me heheheh which meant it about last semester in Ngee Ann…T.T it is SO FAST lah!!!! OMT!!OMT!!

Stupid JJ never tell me but no worries i will get my car faster than u de hehehehe(=

So now it is getting closer to our holiday time which meant outing is coming….. so everyone be free okay… i will not PS u all this time round le so you guys also ah..! U guys really brighten my day man…. so happy now hehehee (:



The Joy and fun moment

The Joy and fun moment


Hey Kbox man… Anyone..? i have been wanting to go for the past one month even now man every time in class it will be Kbox session on youtube hahaha this make the lesson so fun lah haha now then i know tat my classmate are all great singer hahaha we are the K-歌一族 hahaha… 

nowadays my class like to type in chinese haha dunno why.. and i am sort of gana influence by them like to mix chinese and english 你好,我是 yishan..哈哈哈… this is fun lah…

hey Jessie,  JJ, Eleen, Jerlyn dun forget our date ah..! anyone who forget i will KILL you hahaha(=

cya real soon my dearest friends..

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Protected: Sorry….

November 25, 2008 at 6:49 am (Uncategorized)

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after so long… …

November 24, 2008 at 5:33 am (Uncategorized)

okok it has been mth since i have blog and all i can said that is i am very busy with all my school work as there is always projects after projects and i am kinda of stress with all this school work and i dunno wat have happen to me and i think i am soon getting more and more unable to understand myself as time goes by….

i think i really cannot manage my time well i need a time manager seriously ….. is there anyone out there then can help me..????????

Archery Pol-ite competition is over champion for both the girl and guy category….. celebration is also over now it is time to train for the upcoming competition jiayou bah everyone…. (=

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i am back

October 20, 2008 at 12:54 am (Uncategorized)

Oh man it have been mths i have came to update my blog….. sry friends

Hoilday is over and now is time back to school…. life have somehow changed alot during hoilday and now to me i feel that i am much closer to the junior then to senior it might be becos of shooting wif them at the same shooting line bah or maybe is becos of him  bah i also not very sure hahahaha…..

oh ya chatting wif juniors are fun especially with the two couples haha…. and we have a plan for the this sat to have a dinner at seoul garden after the trial i think should be quite fun it shall be a gathering for the archers bah those who wan go feel free to join us man..(=

i shall update later when i am free now having lesson(=

Happy belated 1 Month  Dear!(=

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September 3, 2008 at 12:39 pm (Uncategorized)

the camp has been over for like a week and the competition( Pesta Sukan) is over….the Training Camp is counted a slack one as compare with the one we have it last year as less physic training more of shooting and we do not have to sleep on the hard floor as we have the apartment with beds and washing machine in it..

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHY the washing machine you all will ask…. hahaha kaykay shall tell you all WHY… it is becos most of my time at the camp was spent at the washing machine there haha chatting washing clothes and spying on others no on purposes and we found out something haha Fadzhan will be a great HouseWife haha he wash all his room-mate stuff lah… look after them just like their father . that is very nice to see people in archery club who know how to look after the others and i am very sure their 3 yrs in archery will be a fun and enjoyable one(=

the camp make me feel that this batch of junior are very interesting and i am able to communicate with them better after the camp. (= For this i am very sure.

So much for camp now shall tell u about Friday then (=

Went back to sec sch for the Teachers day celebration saw some of my teacher and found out that some of them have already left the school kidda sad in some way as could not meet up with them but still saw my BEST teacher MR LEE KHENG PENG SEBASTIAN  …….. My Form Teacher he is the best man… always stand up for us! (= have a pizza session wif him and a little gathering wif my sec school mate and went home after which….then went to Plaza Singapura to meet Syu as she is coming to my house to stay over becos of the competition the next day…

After meeting her we decide to walk walk and have some food first( for her lah)then went to the theater to get the ticket for the movie that i want to watch super long ago WALL-E hahahahhaha Finally!! brought the tix for 3 of us as yikang came to join us to watch it as he is also super interested in it too.. (= like sister like brother..(= so after the movie Syu lost her phone super funny lost it in the cinema and cannot be found it is like vanish into the air… so went home right after the movie and decided to take bus instead of train to save money… and the stupid yikang told me to take 174 then can change to 61 or what to enable me to get to school but but that bus did not go the way he said instead but i am smart enough to stop to take a bus back to Hougang… it is getting late and after some wash up it is time to go to bed…..(=

Woke up super early as the junior have to get to ZhengHua at 7.30 and went there with Syu and saw WenTing and HaoXin there they are earlier then us man… the junior start to come in and start to set up their bow look pretty nervous as it is their very first competition (= the weather for their competition was super fine only untill ours it start to have heavy pour-down and even thunder-storm lah got super wet lah…the performance for our club is not as good as last year but everyone have gave in their best. Good Job everyone!(=

Let’s work Harder for the Pol-ite and get another chance to stay at the apartment again(=

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camping in progress!!

August 25, 2008 at 3:34 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Whhoooo….. currently at the apartment we earn to stay hahaha today was just the first day of the camp 200 jumpingjack tats was super fun lah i was like only miss out like 10 out of 200 which meant i have done 190..hahah

shooting after which and then went to bukit timah there for dinner got some stuff for tml breakfast at the nearby petrol station haha…

after a quick dinner we stay our night mission tat was to train our mental and i think it is quite ok lah not tat scary as i tot haha(=tml report timing is at 7 at the void deck ahaha..

shall update some of the photo of the apartment when i have the time now waiting for the washing machine to be done so that i can slp shall update more tml when i am free haha(=


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